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waste oil burner trainingWhitten Enterprises offers on-site training seminars with Scott and Adam Whitten. We offer courses for burner technicians as well as end user courses. Seminars consist of an 8 hour day of training and run March through August. Courses are approved for Continuing Education Credit (NORA 7CEUs). We schedule the courses as the need arises and will cater to the needs of those in the course.

Our end user course is usually a 5 hour course that will help the end user learn the common issues and solutions to those issues with owning a waste oil unit. We will teach the end user as much as they would like to know about common service problems, annual cleanings, and routine maintenance. This class will include breakfast and will be $125.00 per person.

Our burner technician course is an 8 hour seminar. We will teach the technitions what they need to know to get out in the waste oil field today. We will go over all components and common service issues as well as tips and tricks for the waste oil brands that they currently work on. This class includes breakfast and lunch and will be $195.00 per person.

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