Horizon Model 200 Waste Oil Heaters

Horizon single-pass heaters feature Shenandoah's Patented Burner with Swingout Mounting

Horizon Model 200 shown
mounted on optional workbench
tank with rack recycling center

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Advantages of the Horizon 200 Waste Oil Heater

  • Light Weight: Easy to handle & install
  • Standard Burner: Designed for use with B5 burner
  • Pump Compatible: Suited for use with all Shenandoah pump systems
  • Multiple Mounting Options: Suited for floor stand, tank rack or
    ceiling suspension mounting.
  • Dual Stack Connections: Vent gas out left or right side.
  • Versatile installtion
  • Dual, Multi-Directional Air Outlets: Left and/or right side, up or down,
    right or left louvering.
  • Multiple Voltages: 120/60 and 220/50 available
  • Easy access for maintenance & service.
Specifications Summary
Input (approx. BTU/hr.) 200,000
Output (approx. BTU/hr.) 160,000
Stack size 8"
Shipping Weight 437 lbs./199 kg.
Heater dimensions (L x W x H)
Includes outside measurements of fan and burner
34.5" x 22" x 92.5"
Duct Opening  16" x 16"
Electrical requirements  
(maximum circuit protection)
30A (15A for export)
Approx. fuel* consumption 1.43 GPH
Blower CFM 2340 @ 1.0" SP
Outlet Air Temperature 170 F
Compressed air requirements 2 CFM @ 40 PSI
Agency listings UL,  C-UL
Patents 5,950,616

Fuels: Crankcase oil, transmission and hydraulic fluids, as well as other petroleum-based lubricants (any weight combination up to SAE 50 as well as #1 and #2 fuel oil.)

Oil transfer pump: 18 GPH @ 35 PSI (68 LPH @ .24 MPa)

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